Whispers from behind the curtains

 Some of Bordeaux's delights

Some of Bordeaux’s delights

Hiding I am not! The truth is this is a very busy time for me as I recently undertook my biggest challenge ever! Yes, it involves writing and my love for books, love stories and magazines, which is why I really enjoy spending every second of the day thinking about it, jotting down ideas, researching and writing.

You know when you get one of those huge ideas that you feel so passionate about that you want to talk about it to everyone you know? And every time you think about it you get butterflies of excitement in your stomach, your heart beats faster and you just want to shout it out loud? That’s the sort of thing I’m dealing with at the moment. But I am keeping my lips tight.

I have been sharing my idea with a handful of family members and friends and having their support and encouragement has been just what I needed. It’s a little bit scary doing something that exceeds any expectations you ever had of yourself. It’s like looking for an job in a bakery and then deciding to create your own patisserie instead. No, I am not opening a French patisserie any time soon, though I would absolutely love the idea.

I cannot ‘whisper’ to you what my project is yet as I hate spoiling a good surprise. Let’s just say you will appreciate it better when you see the end result rather fragments of the developing process.

Enjoy this picture from my favourite boutique in Bordeaux. It’s a good thing I don’t live there as I would have to pop in the shop every day, just to look at the delicious displays.


Exciting news

There’s a change on its way, I am very pleased and excited to say… you will love the brand new website!

A new month is starting today and I can’t wait to see what each day will bring. August, to me, brings the last instalment of sunshine and holiday, with days long enough still and chillier nights.

Things have been very quiet on the blog lately, I know… It’s been a very busy time for me, when I did a lot of thinking and planning. I always go quiet when I’m thinking. It’s when my mind races at the speed of light with so many ideas rumbling in my head like a matrix combination of codes.

After all that thinking, I had long chats with my supportive husband, my family and friends and started the planning process for what is my biggest project ever. It’s innovative, never tried before in the UK (as far as I know) and it will catch you by surprise. It’s going to be huge!

I am buzzing with ideas and energy, there is so much to consider and prepare, such a challenge but it’s all worth it! I love a good challenge as it takes me out of my comfort zone and makes me think outside the box.

All will be revealed in a couple of months. Stay tuned and get ready to make the jump with me, on this unique project!

Summer Dress

Basking in the sun

Basking in the sun

Today I wore a summery dress, because we don’t get many days with temperatures high enough to wear it. I happen to have a small collection of dresses as I like wearing clothes that make me feel feminine and elegant. I am not implying that trousers or other outfits can’t create the same look, but this works best for my personality.

My choice for today has a flowery pattern with a lace ribbon and it looks and feels a bit rustic. Whenever I wear it I think of beach holidays and walks in the countryside. This might be due to the fact that I usually wear it when I go abroad.

I accessorised it with a pair of pearl earing made by my talented sister Flori and a matching necklace. On my feet I had my bright yellow comfy pumps as I had a bit of running around to do today.

Would you consider this look for work or a day out this summer?

Having Goals

Even on rainy days, there's hope for sunshine

Even on rainy days, there’s hope for sunshine

I’ve always been quite ambitious and that has driven me to try new things, look for new challenges, and never give up when I set my mind on something. There have been plenty of setbacks and obstacles on the way, but giving up has never been an option for me.

I remember something my mum told me once: “You can go far in life, but you’ll have to work very hard for it”. I don’t know how far I am at the moment, but I do agree that with everything I’ve wanted, I have needed to put my whole energy into it and embrace any opportunities that came my way.

I like having goals and knowing what I want to achieve but I also embrace the twists and surprises which come with new opportunities.Therefore I regularly have to revise and change my long term goals to suit my situation.

Here are a few goals that I would like to reach by the end of 2013:
1. Re-vamp my website and launch my new project (can’t tell you anything about it yet, so you’ll have to be patient).
2. Develop my portfolio further with writing projects
3. Get myself a car (ideally I would love a red Mini, but for now even a run around Nissan would do)
4. Visit my parents and my sister

Come December, how may of these will be true it’s hard to tell but I will give it my best shot. Who knows, I might even win then lottery by then and I’ll have to completely change my goals! As if…

It’s Pancake Time!

Sizzling nicely

Sizzling nicely

One of my favourite meals is pancakes: they’re fun to make, easy and quick to prepare and so delicious. I have very fond memories of making pancakes as a child, helping my mum and bickering with my sister over who should have the first one. I remember practicing the perfect flick of the pan so they would land flat…back in the pan preferably. As to the ones that fell on the floor, our dog was always very grateful to help with the cleaning.

I’ve been thinking about making pancakes for a while and today seemed like the perfect opportunity- with summer in the air and Andy Murray winning the Wimbledon trophy, it felt like a little celebration!

I use a simple recipe for the batter: 110g flour, 2eggs, 50g melted butter, pinch of salt, 200ml milk+ 75ml water. All the ingredients are mixed together with a fork to form a thick batter that will make approx. 6 medium pancakes.

For the filling, we often like to have a mixture of savoury and sweet. For the savoury ones, I fill the pancakes with chopped ham/salami and cheddar, and put them in the oven for 5-10 mins.

As to the sweet ones, my favourite filling is strawberry jam and lemon juice, though I also like honey or Nutella. A little sprinkle of brown sugar also gives them a nice crunchy texture.

Bon appetite if you decide to have a pancake day too!

From reader to writer

A story grew from this

A story grew from this

Something I am good at…or rather said something I want to be really good at is certainly writing and the ability to fulfil the ‘duties’ of a writer- inform, entertain, cause a reaction, make the reader see things in a different way….The truth is I think I still have a lot to learn and I am constantly improving.

Being good at something can be an innate talent, something you learn over time or a mixture of both. I wouldn’t consider myself a born writer, but having grown up surrounded by books I learned a lot from the masters of classic and modern literature.

From a young age I had this huge curiosity and found great enjoyment in immersing myself into the world of stories from around the world. The books I read enabled me to develop a wide imagination and ‘travel’ through their pages where I could never afford to in reality.

I have huge admiration and respect for writers, who produce such wonderful stories that we can easily pick off the shelves of bookstores or download onto screen. Their hard work and passion helps readers worldwide escape the routines of reality and experience an array of emotions.

I dream of being able to do that myself one day, but in the meantime I satisfy myself with being a reader. With positive thinking, hard work and so much inspiration all around there’s hope for new writers like me out there.

Such a happy memory

The happy couple

The happy couple

Our beautiful wedding cake

Our beautiful wedding cake

I didn’t need to think too hard about this one: a really happy memory for me has to be my recent wedding day. It was absolutely wonderful! I smiled and laughed so much my cheeks were aching. Every moment of that day was so much more important to us than any other day. If somehow it was possible to stretch a day and make it 48 hours or more, that would have to be the day I’d choose.

We were so lucky to have a warm, sunny day, which meant that everyone had their drinks out in the garden and we took hundreds of photos.

Seeing my groom waiting for me as I walked down the aisle holding onto my dad’s arm, I felt so happy. The room felt so charged with emotion, we could barely hold back our tears. Luckily I was wearing a waterproof mascara.

We both said our vows without any hiccups and the best man was there to provide the rings. As we finally looked around us in the ceremony room, everyone looked so elegant and happy, like in a dream.

The reception room and the wedding cake looked amazing. I really have to pinch myself and remind myself that it DID happen and I haven’t just dreamt it all. A happy day, with happy people and now it’s all a very happy memory. I feel extremely lucky and blessed. I am in the process of writing a feature for a wedding magazine about our special day. Will let you know when you can read the more detail account of the day.

A typical day…

Coffee and writing on my work experience at Primary Times

Coffee and writing go so well together

I would say that today was sort of a typical writing day because I took time off from my day job. Otherwise, things are not quite as easy to plan or describe.

So today I woke up just after 6am, made a strong black coffee and switched on my laptop. I wonder how many people around the world did the same thing at a similar time this morning…? After checking my emails, Facebook and a bit of Twitter, I made some porridge for breakfast. Today I chose not to eat in front of my laptop and read blogs as I sometimes do. Oh, no! Today I was determined to get quite a few things done, which is why I planned my day whilst eating breakfast in the kitchen.

I started my writing with an assignment for the journalistic writing course. A bit of research involved, some serious thinking and then I typed it all up, put a ribbon on it and sent it off to my tutor! Only kidding about the ribbon :).

My next task was to send some emails, which was followed by a couple of phone calls – all good news about some very exciting projects! If you stick around, you will hear more about this in the next few weeks!

Lunch was quinoa with vegetables and chicken – leftovers from last night’s dinner and then I was straight back on my laptop Twittering, reading blogs, researching and some more tapping.

As I was having lunch on my own (husband worked through his lunch today), I got really excited about this feature idea. I won’t tell you much about it now, as I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, but it’s a good read :).

I managed to finish writing the feature just in time before I was due to go to the dentist. I won’t lie, I am still scared of these visits and I get quite stressed out each time I go there. The dentist is a lovely lady but it’s the sound of those awful drills and someone poking inside my mouth that I can’t stand. It’s pure torture and yet I pay to have that done again in 3 weeks time! The numbing sensation that stayed with me all evening.

Dinner was tuna pasta bake – I needed something easy to cook that would take my mind off the numbing sensation. Eating each mouthful was a challenge and my taste was only half there.

Before I go downstairs to watch Lord Sugar firing another apprentice, here I am tapping away writing this post. It should be bedtime soon after that as I’ve got an early start tomorrow.

That’s been my day today! I’m quite pleased with the tasks I’ve managed to achieve.